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hair trap suction cups silicone

the best way to remove wet hair from wet hands.


the tresstrap

how it works

Step 1 application

Use the suction cups to stick the Tress Trap to any smooth surface; shower tiles, glass, mirror, etc. Can be removed and affixed again and again.

Step 2
tress removal

Brush the hand in a downward motion against the upward facing prongs to remove wet sticky shed hair quickly and easily.

Step 3
trap cleaning

After each use, you can utilize any comb  handy to remove the collected shed hair from the Tresstrap and dispose in the trash.

keeps hair off of shower walls, no mess
Drain protector
drain protector
no mess in hair product
keeps hair out of hair product

Your curls do not end up where they should not be; in the drain, in hair product, on the shower walls or on your partner's last nerve.


Makes discarding shed hair a convenient part of styling your tresses.

"Ths is one of those things you never knew you needed until you have it and then wonder how you did without it!"

Lara, austin, Texas
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